About us

Photo of children smiling and doing thumbs up for the camera.

Welcome to our amazing facility!

Located in Suffolk County, in the quaint town of Farmingville, Kidtastic Kids has evolved into much more than your average “Preschool”. The center is run by “Ms. Dawn”, a certified Visual Arts, Special Education, Early Intervention and Elementary Education teacher. Kidtastic Kids main focus is to provide a program which meets any and all child and parental needs. Kidtastic Kids programs range from Infancy through Pre-School, Mommy & Me, Socialization, Transition, and Separation programs (See “Our Programs” for more info).

Our school offers an environment which places emphasis on enhancing and developing each child’s learning style. We recognize that a child’s relationships and interactions with their educators are critical elements of development and learning. Our teachers nurture a caring balance of small and large group activities, collaborative/parallel play techniques, sensory explorations as well as creative art experiences.

As educators it is our goal to create a safe and nurturing environment for all our “Kidtastic” kids.


Bridging the Gap Between Home, Preschool and Kindergarten

Programs like these are fundamental to building your child’s future education!

Kidtastic Kids offers a curriculum unlike any other. Our teachers focus on the importance of individualized learning styles. They understand how to prioritize desired goals and benchmarks for each child and parent. It is our goal to help parents understand how to best apply our program and curriculum to achieve those goals at home. This variation allows each child to develop at their own developmental pace as well as build their confidence in their educational abilities.

Here at Kidtastic Kids, we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between home, preschool and kindergarten. It is for this reason that we offer programs such as “Fundations”, “Handwriiting Without Tears” & “Social Thinking”. Many of these programs are utilized in surrounding districts including Sachem & Middle Country. Programs such as these are fundamental teaching our children how to read, write and learn their alphabet.

Our program effectively implements a comprehensive curriculum so that children attain key objectives across the domain (physical, social, emotional, cognitive) and across the subjects (languages literacy, including English acquisitions, mathematics, social studies, science, art, music, physical education and health).