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"Where imagination brings learning to life!"

 Located in Suffolk County,  in the quaint town of Farmingville, Kidtastic Kids has evolved into much more than your average “Daycare”.  The center is run by “Ms. Dawn”, a certified Visual Arts, Special Education, Early Intervention and Elementary Education teacher.    Kidtastic Kids main focus is to provide  a program which meets any and all child and parental needs.  Kidtastic Kids programs range from Infancy through Pre-School, Mommy & Me, Socialization, Transition, and Separation programs... (Learn More)





Our curriculum arranges meaningful experiences, which are intellectually and creatively simulating such as:

Creative representation — imitation, recognition, role playing
Language and literacy — talking, describing, scribbling, dictating stories
Initiative and social relations — making choices, problem-solving, relationship-building
Movement — bending, running, dancing
Music — singing, playing instruments
Classification — describing shapes, sorting, matching
Serration — arranging things in order
Numbers — counting
Space — filling, emptying
Time — starting, stopping, sequencing